We believe that the educational process is a cooperative endeavor among a diverse body of students, parents, and faculty who together embark on a continuous learning process. Al-Ezdihar Language Institute encourages each student to develop talents and interests as an independent-minded person within the structure of the institute’s community.

Students are encouraged to engage in purposeful education preparing them for responsibilities and challenges of the future. In doing so, members of Al-Ezdihar Institute student body will experience the discipline and excitement of academics, the pride of developing personal character and integrity in a learning environment governed by an honor code with the ultimate goal of placing responsible and educated citizens into our society. Students are encouraged to develop academic excellence through exposure to a well-rounded and challenging curriculum in a nurturing and attractive environment that will result in graduates prepared to succeed at the collegiate level.

Meet the Team

Zaki Alfaraj – CEO

Zaki Alfaraj - CEO

Mohsen Alawami – Evp

Mohsen Alawami - Evp

Ahmed Khalaf – Teaching Consultant

Ahmed Khalaf - Teaching Consultant

Why us?

To develop self-esteem and a sense of self-worth in our students. To provide our students with diverse opportunities to develop their academic, moral, social, creative, athletic, and techno-logic excellence.
To provide our faculty with varied opportunities for continued professional growth to ensure the highest possible quality of instruction. To develop a sense of unity and respect among students, faculty, and parents.
To develop students who are aware of the greater community and feel a responsibility to make contributions to society.

Our History:

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    AL-EZDIHAR LANGUAGE INSTITUTE was established in Qatif City-Saudi Arabia.

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    Al-Ezdihar Language Institute received several awards from the public schools in the area due to its participation in their school programs which were intended for English enhancement.

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    Al-Ezdihar Language Institute achieved to gain an International Accreditation from IAO-USA and became the first language center in the region to be internationally accredited.

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    forth branch was opened in Qatif City and operated as an English and Computer Teaching Center.

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    Al-Ezdihar Institute is an independent language center with nearly 800 students, offering a full range of academic opportunities from kindergarten through Grade 12, and from teenagers to adults.